Saturday, September 19, 2009

DJH Chinese Course Kyoto

DJH Chinese Courses is glad to announce that it has started a brunch at Kyoto from September 2009. Similar to our operation in Singapore, DJH Kyoto will be providing Chinese courses to expatriates living and working in Kyoto, as well as to the local Japanese who are interested in learning another major language in Asia.

Lessons will be conducted in English as usual, however it will also be conducted in Japanese for the locals or people who are more comfortable with Japanese. After all, there are some similarities between Chinese and Japanese such as the Kanjis and some expressions.
DJH Kyoto hopes to bring the Chinese language and culture to Kyoto and its people. With a rich history and well preserved Japanese culture in Kyoto, we wish to have an international, inter-cultural exchange with people in Japan, as well as the rest of the world.
Hopefully, with our first oversea branch in Kyoto, DJH is able to help people to learn and enjoy the Chinese language better even in a non-Chinese speaking environment.
Lesson fee: 18000yen per course of 10 lessons
Timing: Monday to Friday 8pm to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 12 am, 1pm to 3pm, 4pm to 6pm

Location: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Mukaijima, Nakajima-cho 85-15 (10 min walk from Mukaijia Station or Kangetsukyo Station)

Telephone: 080-3825-1950
Contact person: Tong

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